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Welcome to PROSURF

Promotion and Support of SME Research and Innovation
in the Surface Finishing and Printed Circuit Manufacturing Sectors

PROSURF will continue in 2009

Dear prospective project partner within PROSURF,

At the end of this year we would like to thank you for your interest in the objectives of PROSURF to enhance technological developments in the fields of surface engineering and printed circuits.

The EU supported period for PROSURF has now ended and the project has completed its final deliverables. A number of features and studies have been set up and we aim to proceed with the realisation of the most interesting topics that have been defined.

In particular, we aim to continue with the following items:

1.     Research ideas & Partnering platform

The main FP7 areas of interest to PROSURF are Research for SMEs and NMP, but there are also occasional topics in other themes and programmes such as Energy, Environment and Innovation. The Eurostars programme could also be highly relevant in the future. The main current open call is NMP. A Research for SMEs call, probably the most relevant of all, will be published in 2009. A summary of the most relevant calls expected in 2009 can be downloaded here.


This feature on the website will link to the relevant pages on CORDIS and those topics elaborated within PROSURF on the Surface Finishing and PCB sectors, as well as relevant topics within current calls.

3.     Promotion of the partnering platform and more research ideas based on the needs of SMEs.

From discussions with SMEs, ideas will be formulated and developed by discussions with research institutes and the relevant calls will be identified, from EU to regional funding possibilities.

4.     Continued collaboration

With other Coordination Action like CLEANPROD and the Clean Environmental Platform (sub-platform, chaired by University of l’Aquila) it is intended to influence and submit further topics in the relevant areas for the coming 2010 Calls within Manufuture JTI.

We would like to invite you to continue with the work of PROSURF for the benefit of the future development of surface technology.

We wish you all a happy and successful new year,




 PROSURF supports your Innovation Strategies in

Research and Development


  • FREE assistance to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Surface/Metal Finishing and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing sectors
  • possibilities of EU funding through the Seventh Framework Programme of Research (FP7).

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  • Technical and market trends
  • Research topics
  • Technological advancements in the surface finishing and printed circuit sectors
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This is an important time for SMEs in the printed circuit and surface finishing industries and the PROSURF project can help you become more competitive through European collaborative R&D.

Besides SMEs PROSURF welcomes the involvement of other types of organisations as well such as universities, research centres and larger companies interested in developing collaborative research proposals for FP7 funding.

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